Online and Blended Learning


We develop online and blended learning experiences on a variety of formats, supporting the faculty in course design and knowledge deployment.


Our design for online and blended learning is based on three pillars:

  1. Multimedia and balance to select the best methods to achieve the intended learning outcomes
  2. Interaction to support faculty and student’s engagement in online and blended environments
  3. Accessibility of learning resources

Our design and development activity is based on extensive research of new formats for online and blended engagement and user interaction.


We are currently working on three main areas: MOOC, Blended Learning and Case Study Stories.


MOOC, Massive Open Online Course

Since 2012, Bocconi has partnered with Coursera to develop MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses.

As of today, we have developed 7 courses that can be found at www.coursera.org/bocconi


Our offering of MOOCs is designed to keep high standards in online education and achieves high levels of reach and accessibility.


Blended Learning 

We develop blended initiatives for Bocconi courses.

We do so designing and developing end-to-end learning experiences, enhancing learning methodologies with sophisticated technologies such as simulations and online business games or leveraging on our MOOCs.


Case Study Stories, projects in partnership with EGEA

As part of our Research and Development initiatives on new formats, we are developing a series of interactive case studies to support learning in Bocconi courses.