Going Online to Have a Head Start in the Job Market

Career Starter Pack (CSP) is an online, six-module program designed by Bocconi’s Career Service in collaboration with BUILT to provide students with the skills needed in a job search. | READ MORE

95 PhD Candidates to Learn How to Design a Lecture

As PhD candidates are considered junior faculty, they can attend a new blended program that teaches to teach | READ MORE

Mathematics - preparatory course, this year also online

The traditional program, which will take place like every year during the welcome days, is now preceded by a part available on the web. | READ MORE

Learning? An augmented experience

New methods, new technologies, new contents and new interactions: why the distinction between learning and e-learning no longer makes sense and how to create adaptive and personalized paths. | READ MORE (pag. 14.)

Corporate Sustainability: A New Bocconi MOOC

A five week course on the Coursera platform, produced by a multidisciplinary group of 27 experts coordinated by Maurizio Zollo, to guide the company in the transition towards the creation of stakeholder value. | READ MORE

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