Faculty Training

We design and offer various training sessions to support the faculty in adopting the most effective educational practices, so to enhance the learning experience of their students.


BEAT, Bocconi Excellence in Advanced Teaching – Faculty Program

This program focuses on the development of Bocconi Faculty's teaching capabilities.

Our faculty members will experience and practice on how to develop a course along six dimensions: 

       • Teaching and Learning at Bocconi

       • Learning Design

       • Learning Resources

       • Class Dynamics

       • Assessment

       • Blended Learning

Program Format


Methodology: Blended

Duration: 6 Modules spread over 6 months


The program includes the participation of Bocconi Learning designers, Faculty members and international guest speakers.

Creating Innovative Learning Experiences.

The Post-Graduate Intensive Program.

This initiative is part of the wider BEAT program. The focus of this initiative is on the design of online and blended learning experiences for executives and post-experience participants.

Faculty and staff can learn and do practice on the design, development and delivery of innovative learning experiences.

The program is organized together with SDA Bocconi Learning Lab on three main topics:

      1. SDA Bocconi Framework for Online and Blended Learning

      2. Design and Multimedia

      3. Interaction and Communication in an Online Environment

Course Format

Methodology: Project-Based, blended

Duration: 2 Full Workdays

ELECTIVE WORKSHOP - Faculty Training

The workshops will focus on practical, concrete strategies for daily teaching activities, or challenges.  Their design is research-based, taking into account best practices as well as the literature on teaching and learning. 

Program Format

       • face to face supported by wrap-up online materials

       • 2 hours, at lunch time


       • each workshop will be offered two or three times per year

       • voluntary basis                                                                

       • minimum number of participants per workshop will be defined


July 11st, 12.00-2.00PM - Let’s start teaching: Start your course the right way

  • Students’ engagement with course content
  • Definition and setting of the classroom climate
  • Students and professors’ expectations
  • Avoid misconceptions about rules and etiquette

October 11st, 12.00-2.00PM - Use and misuse of presentations

  • The Pros and Cons of slides
  • Slides’ cognitive style
  • Alternatives to presentations and their “linearity”

December 4th, 12.00-2.00PM - Catching your students’ focus

  • Learning, engagement, attention and memory
  • Methods and tools to engage students and facilitate learning
  • Misconceptions professors and students have about learning: why active learning works


Training Support

We support the adoption and acceptance of Bocconi teaching methods and tools at different scale. We can provide support in case you want to know more about the teaching methods and learning tools already adopted by our University.

Feel free to contact us to organize any on-demand training session.

Coffee Corner

BUILT is “Always open laboratory” ideas and suggestions are not time-constrained; we are keen to hear from faculty about ideas, methods and tools they would like us to investigate and share.

Feel free to write or call us to share your thoughts and research ideas on how to innovate education at Bocconi.